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= = = EDITION 16: June 4th, 2018 = = =

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Strategy Debates
Section 2: The atWar World Cup
Section 3: Spring 2018 Season
Section 4: Map Review - Dreamworld

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


1. Strategy Debates

Lately there have been discussion about whether or not, should the very well-known to us strategies Lucky Bastard (LB) initially and in advance Guerilla Warfare (GW), receive changes with the purpose of being weakened (Nerfed) and make the game balanced as much as it concerns strategies.
Threads have been created, researches have been done, and suggestions have been put on the table of negotiations. Others are discussing if the strategies should even be changed, while others are already discussing what changes should be made. Today, we will have a closer look on those discussions and have a general view of what is being said by both sides in the main threads created for each strategy individually.

We are starting off with the thread created by the moderator Laochra, ''LB Nerf'', who promised to PM the admins regarding these changes only if they got enough support, that was his goal with that thread and it's what he got, except for a few players who seem to not agree with the suggestions that had been proposed. The thread has been full of support and suggestions over what the changes should be. Will all this positivity and support make the admins listen and edit the strategy? We shall see.

We continue with supporter Wheelo's thread, ''Guerrilla Warfare: The Statistics'', where he talks in numbers to emphasize the strength of GW in all sectors. In that thread, we can see that people don't fully agree on changing anything on GW, yet there is a good number of players who won't accept anything rather than a nerf, whether that is more expensive marines or/and militia, or less defense for militia. Discussions are still being held there, in de their views to support their opinions and claims.

2. The atWar World Cup

For the first time ever, atWar is hosting it's own World Cup to run in parallel with the FIFA World Cup. So far, players from Ireland, the USA, Israel, Egypt, Serbia, Iran, Canada, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Colombia, The UK and France have registered to participate in the tournament. The Tactician has organised a "Reporters" topic to invite players from atWar to report on certain games played. If you'd like to be a reporter for the World Cup, you can check out the World Cup Reporters thread here. Trophies will be awarded for various achievements, including Best Player and Most Players Killed. The tournament will start on the 14th of June, and you will have 2 weeks to play your games. You can view the full thread made by Kaska, here which contains all the details relating to the tournament. Good luck to all!

3. Spring 2018 Season

The atWar Spring 2018 season has finally come to a close. This season has witnessed many inactive clans regain activity in the competitive season, with The Immortals and Constellation Divided playing hundreds of clan wars between them. Super Serious Clan also proved to be a potential future contender for the season when they took down some of the best players in the game. However, only three clans can place each season, with the winner beating a significant record.

1st Place: Illyria
Illyria finished in first place this season, for the third time in a row, beating every competing clan with a positive win/loss ratio in the later stages of the season, leaving them with a 41.7 elo gap lead.
Coalition Wars played: 208
Won: 138
Lost: 70
Seasonal Elo: 1155.4

2nd Place: Valkyria
Valkyria showed its skill this in the early-mid stage of the season, but struggled to maintain activity in the clan during the final weeks. Many of its players went inactive, leaving them to make do with 2v2s. Nevertheless, their record wasn't far from a 1:1 ratio.
Coalition Wars played: 190
Won: 91
Lost: 99
Seasonal Elo: 1113.7

3rd Place: Amigos
The Amigos managed to maintain a first and second place position throughout the time it was present in this season, but fell short in the final days of the season when they were beaten by Illyria unfavourably.
Coalition Wars played: 89
Won: 50
Lost: 39
Seasonal Elo: 1108.8

4. Map Review

Memories From the Past - Prospects for the Future?

This week, we'll be talking about yet another underrated map - Dreamworld.

Dreamworld is, as the name states, a fantasy map. Made by Chess, the map is intended to encourage the use of different strategies that are normally not played in the Europe+ competitive meta.
The map consists of three areas - the middle with all the islands around it, which are where the majority of the income and reinfs are. There are also the two side continents, where teams are supposed to fight and attempt to help to gain control of the middle.
For more information on how to play, go check out Chess's thread!
There are two main picks in the map, most important of them being Merish and Enaar.


Merish is one of the two strongest picks on the map. It costs 8120 to pick, with 31 reinforcements. and 602 income. It has 6 cities, with the 2 ports allowing it access to the sea in the center, as well as a route to the outer islands.


Enaar is the other strongest pick, balanced by Chess to be almost a mirror of Enaar in reinforcements and income. It costs 8110 to pick, with 613 income but only 30 reinforcements.

There are also a few strong picks in both the eastern and western islands, such as Springwood or Westhill. However, as mentioned by Chess, the map was designed to have the most reinforcements and money in the center so that the main fights would be centered around it.

Now let's have a look at a few strategies and see how they fare!

Perfect Defence
Perfect Defence is, as usual, a very strong strategy. The cheap infantry and strong militia allow for it to be played anywhere on the map. However, on some occasions players may find themselves with an excess of money.

Iron Fist
Iron Fist is, as always, an extremely strong strategy. However, in the center, its strengths can be seen much more clearly. The close by cities and abundance of water means that the lower range is not as limting as it is in other maps.

Relentless Attack
Rentless Attack has cheap and fast tanks, which may make it a suitable strategy in the islands if there is no one else. However, it is not suitable to be played in the center as its higher range is not needed and the poor defence is too great a weakness.

Naval Commander
Naval Commander might be a suitable strategy to be played in the islands, where the oceans make expanding easy with naval commander. It is also a suitable strategy in the center as there are quite a few ports.

Master of Stealth
Master of Stealth marines, with their buffed range, might prove an asset in expanding. The buffed stealth troops can be useful in surprise, but there isn't much need for stealth troops with the close ranges. Nevertheless, it is a viable strategy.

Strategy Debates: Cold Case
The atWar World Cup: Kaska & The Tactician
Spring 2018 Season: Wheelo
Map Review: LukeTan
Editing and Formatting: Wheelo

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15.03 - Clovis is the new Admin
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08.01 - Map editor alpha release!
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