We now have the radio player for our very own atWar Radio built into the game!
And that's not all, we also have the new chat channel for radio-related talks (general talk, song requests, etc.)
The original radio website will also stay, but will be redesigned and fitted with the new player.
In addition to all that, the chat filters (check boxes next to the chat channels) are now saved, so you don't need to re-tick them everytime you re-login.

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  • Fixed scenario colors bug (info)
  • Added 'Available SP' to the upgrades menu
  • Added link button to the chat. It will show up next to the message when it contains a link in it. Should make it easier to open links from the chat.
  • Any in-game links will now open in a new tab instead of a new window and shouldn't get blocked by the popup blocker anymore.

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Good news for people sitting on piles of ProtoCoins and not knowing how to spend them - today we introduce cool new Proto-goodies:

  • Incognito mode - hide your account details (name, rank, etc.) from other players.

  • SP boost (x1.5) - multiply your SP at the end of your games. Available for 1/7/30 day periods. Old single-use boosts are still available in game (Players -> SP pool menu).

  • Promote your map or scenario - put your map or scenario on top of the list (click 'Promote' in map/scenario details screen). Good option for map-makers who want their maps and scenarios to get noticed.

  • Promote your game - put your active game on top of the list (click 'Promote' in the game settings menu). Promotion will last while joining the game is possible.

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    So we've added some cool new ProtoCoin-related features!

    One is the so-called "Random ProtoCoin Drop". By simply winning the game you now have a chance of earning up to 150 200 ProtoCoins. You will see a relevant message in the game events.

    And another one is the long-awaited Upgrades Reset feature. For 500 ProtoCoins you can now reset all your upgrades with just one click of a button, getting back all the precious SP that you've spent on them. Located in the upgrades menu in-game.

    Stay tuned, there's plenty more to come!

    PS: Don't forget to update the translations, since we've added a few more terms. Cheers!

    EDIT: more ProtoCoin-related generosity - we just handed out 50 ProtoCoins to everybody. All new users will receive 50 PC as well upon registration.

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    We now have a new strategy available to our premium members - Hybrid Warfare!
    Mind you, it's not free, costing 35000 SP, which makes it the most expensive upgrade to date, but we know many of you have lots of spare SP laying around anyway. It will probably require some tweaking, as with all the new strategies, but it should already be very usable.

    Read more about it in the original topic:
    Huge thanks to everyone who helped bringing it to life!

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    The Website has now been added to the translation texts to be translated. So there are over 750 new terms!

    Naturally we will be awarding ProtoCoins to members who make ACCURATE and CORRECT translations.
    • 1300+ terms - 1500 PC
    • 1000+ terms - 1200 PC
    • 800+ terms - 1000 PC
    • 600+ terms - 700 PC
    • 300+ terms - 500 PC

    Also the Code Breaker Trophy will be awarded

    In addition we still need more Language Moderators and there are still a lot of languages that need an in-game translation as well as the Website

    Use the Translation Tool to earn ProtoCoins and bring atWar to the masses!!!

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    After great success translating atWar into many languages we want to extend this to the Website (will be ready soon) and also to more languages. Ivan has made an inbuilt translator tool which is set up much like PO Editor but with improvements. Such as a translation history and also the feature of having language Mods to 'Lock Off' terms which will automatically be implemented in the game.

    EDIT Website translations are now ready to be translated!!!

    You can visit the new Translation Tool and check it out for yourselves.

    So we are calling out to translators of all languages (atWar Rank 5+) to continue to help translate atWar and also we are looking for Language Moderators to be in control of each language.

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    We have now added Maps Created to Player Profiles so you can proudly display the Maps you have made. The Maps display case includes the amount of plays for each Map and the rating. A big thanks to the community for suggesting this great feature.

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    Some good news for those of you who suffer from frequent disconnects and server lags in general.
    We've added a new protocol for game-server communication which could potentially prove to be more stable that the old one (this will be decided after some extensive testing). Overall traffic amount with the new client should be around 5 times less too.

    If you want to try it out, instead of the usual 'Play' button, use the following link to log into the game:

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    It's not a secret that many of you have accumulated vast amounts of ProtoCoins and that for those with full premium they are of not much use. Well, the good news is it's going to change as we'll be adding more hats useful things to spend the ProtoCoins on in the following weeks. In fact, one of the features is already there and it's called SP Boost! For those who are curious, have a look at the 'Players => SP Pool' menu in game. Clicking on one of the boosts will enable it for the current game (works both for quick and casual games). We also plan to add boosts that will last for multiple days and could be used for more than one game. It's important to mention that SP boosts do not affect any of the existing game mechanics and are applied after the game has ended.

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