So, the big announcement is: we have decided that the current game setup - world map, modern units etc is rather boring, so to spice things up we want to change the settings to the Star Wars universe, with the map of the 'Galaxy far, far away' and Imperial/Rebel units instead of the boring-ass tanks and infantry. The game name will also change - to Starwind. So far you can only sample this new development in terms of rare units, with everything else is coming tomorrow!

Anyway, seriously... The current version is the 1.0 release candidate, and is rather identical to the previous one, except we fixed some bugs and added the new medal coming after Gold: Crimson (because Platinum is lame).

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OK, we couldn't help ourselves and decided to make one last mini-update before 1.0 - the stuff was too good to make you guys wait

  • Amazing new mini-menu for troop movement. Opens instead of the tooltip when you hover on your army, allowing you to easily move individual units or unit groups (all land/air/naval). Just click on the unit in the menu, or drag it from there. To move the whole group, use the bracket above the unit icons (it only shows if there's more than one group and there's more than one unit in it). The old tooltip is still used for opponent armies and for battles - it now also has unit icons in it.

  • Old colors have been tweaked and new colors have been added, allowing for maximum 20 players in one game! Hopefully it's now also easier to distinguish different colors.

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    Here's the promised update to the yesterday's v0.995 release:

  • Several General-related bugs have been fixed. Hopefully, there are no more.

  • You can now upload a custom icon for your General. Go to Edit profile, it's next to the avatar upload.

  • Several rare commanders have been added - similarly to Generals, they give bonus to specific stats for specific units.

  • Two more rare units have been added, specializing in killing army commanders.

  • Duels now show in player profiles (example). For those who missed it, Coalition wars are displayed in the same way in Coalition profiles.

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    In what might be the last update before 1.0, we have a few nice new features for you:

  • Generals. We decided to put YOU into the game as a General, personally comanding your armies. After a few upgrades (first starting with just 25 SP), General will provide bonus stats to all/certain units in his stack.

    At the moment, there's not much else to it - however, in the nearest future you will be able to upload custom icon for your General and play a new Victory Condition, revolving around Generals. Rare unit Generals will also make an appearance.

  • Duels. Similarly to Coalition Wars, you can now challenge other players to a Duel during a game. The Duel button is located in the Players menu, next to the Diplomacy buttons. The rules are simple - the first player eliminated from the game loses the duel. If both are eliminated in the same turn or both win the game, duel is cancelled. When you click the Duel button, an confirmation message will pop up, informing you how many SP you can win or lose depending on the outcome.

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  • Coalition wars have arrived! In the current incarnation it's a kind of team game, where instead of team names you set coalitions. Only two coalitions can participate, minimum 3 players on each side, and a Leader or an Officer must be present on each side. Coalition war game has to be created by a Leader of an Officer in Coalition Wars room.

  • Coalition Points (CP). Each Coalition initially has 1000 points. When participating in Coalition wars, losing Coalition loses a certain amount of their points to the winning one. This amount depends on the difference between the CP of the two Coalitions. Here's the formula:

    CP1 / CP2 * 50, where CP of one coalition are divided on CP of another and multiplied by 50. Let's say your Coalition has 1000 CP and another one has 2000 CP. By winning, you would get 2000/1000*50 = 100 CP. By losing, you would lose 1000/2000*50 = 25 CP.

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    13 new rare units have been added to the game, some of them country-specific. A couple of units that have long been requested by players will make an occasional appearance.

    Also, Battleship has been renamed Destroyer, since it's the primary modern naval unit (while most battleships have been decommissioned). Destroyer's stats remained the same as Battleship's. Battleships will now appear as rare units.

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    This will be useless for most of you, seasoned players, but we added a new tutorial for newbies - you get a welcome screen once you're in the Lobby, where you can choose to either start the Tutorial game or continue to Lobby. This screen should only appear once, and only for new players. There's also a Tutorial button in the Lobby menu, in case you're interested to try it out.

    Tutorial is now a private game, which guides you through steps, showing all the basics.

    Apart from that, not much to report. We're working on stabilizing the service and polishing the code, so that everything runs smoothly. Stay tuned for more news

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  • You now have a chance to find rare units in captured cities - these range from slightly different types of Tanks to nuclear missiles. Some are more common than others, some can only be found in certain countries. At the moment there are only a couple of dozens, but we're planning to add many more in the future! You can set the chance to find rare units in game settings ('none' is also an option).

  • Stack bonus is back! Now bigger stacks of units have slight advantage in a battle.

  • Infantry got +1 attack and Militia +1 defence.

  • You can now set min/max rank for your game. For example, set 0-2 to only allow people of ranks 0/1/2 to join.

  • In-game settings are now changed by voting. Changes are applied if over half of the players agree with them.

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    OK, so the new balance wasn't working so perfect. We also screwed up a bit by introducing HP tweaks into strategies. Balance is a tricky business, but we're determined to get it right, even if it means annoying the hell out of you with the constant tweaks

    Anyway, now all units have the same base HP (7). HP changes were also removed from Tank General and Perfect Defence, so they are now the same as before. There were criticisms that units now feel too much like the same thing, so we attempted to specialize them more. Offensive units got more attack but less defence and the other way round. Some other units are equally good at both things.

    Bomber and Stealth also now have more differences. Bomber is 6/6, making it ok at attack, but it's now also able to escort Tanks and other weak units, having a very decent defence. Stealth, on the other hand, is better at attacking, but has weak defence (7/4).

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    Introducing two new unlockable Strategies:

    Great Combinator
    Advanced Strategy, which requires Tanks and Infantry to always stick together. Tanks get +1 HP and +1 attack, but -3 defence (bringing it down to 1). Infantry gets +1 HP and +1 defence, but -3 attack.

    Iron Fist
    Your army uses heavier and less vulnerable units - however, they come with the increased cost and slower movement. +3 HP, +20 cost, -2 movement for all units.

    In addition, Militia gained +1 HP in the Perfect Defence strategy, while Tanks got -1 HP. In Tank General, Infantry and Militia got -1 HP, while Tanks gained +1 HP. (Changes retracted)

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    Hello fellow AW fans, we've got the most excellent update for you today!

  • Battle mechanics have been completely reworked. In the new system, Attack and Defence represent the maximum amount of damage you deal to the opponent. Attack and defence are now executed simultaneosly, so you're guaranteed to deal some damage in a battle. Units now have Hit points - so damage is applied directly to Hit points, and if the unit runs out of them, it gets destroyed. The remaining damage is then transferred to the next unit.

    So, for example, 1 Tank (9 HP) attacks 1 Infantry (8 HP) and 1 Militia (6 HP). Tank deals 6 damage (attacking), Infantry deals 4 damage (defending). Now Tank has 5 HP left and Infantry 2 HP. Tanks now deals 3 damage and Infantry also 5. Tank dies, Infantry dies, Militia takes 1 damage, but survives to fight another day. After the battle all HP is restored for surving units.

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