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Latest news

= = = EDITION 23: June 20th, 2020 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Moderator of The Year 2019
Section 2: News & Updates
Section 3: A surprise for the future...
Section 4: ATN & AW Press
Section 5: Want to get Involved?

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." ~ Confucius

Moderator of The Year 2019

Though it's a bit late, 2019's Moderator of the year was a hard one. To start with, for most of the voting's duration, all candidates were tied. It wasn't until later that it got interesting. Here are the votes:

1st. (WINNER) Sid - 21 Votes (24.1%)
2nd. Sascha - 18 Votes (20.7%)
3rd. Eagle - 16 Votes (18.4%)
3rd. Brianwl - 16 Votes (18.4%)
3rd. Cold Case - 16 Votes (18.4%)

Though Sid won, Sid was in last place for the majority of the time with only a couple of votes. The lead switched from Sascha & Eagle most of the time while Brianwl and Cold Case sat with only a couple of votes and stayed where they are now. The last few days of voting is when Sid came in ahead of Sascha.

Congratulations to Sid for winning! He will be rewarded with the following trophy:

Thank you to the other candidates as well, keep up the good work.

News & Updates

I am pleased to announce that after some time both Blitzkrieg and Relentless Attack have been nerfed.

The nerf RA received is -1 range for militia and + 20 cost for bombers, while Blitz nerf includes -1 range and +10 cost to militia.
On the side note Master of Stealth has been buffed for some time now, so the new stats for infantry now include -1 for attack but +1 for defense.

On the side note, as the season continues, the team has been working on some interesting new gameplay additions and will be added soon, so stay tuned!

● It is now possible to start clan wars with 2 players of each coalition (or less).
● Leaving on Turn 2 now counts as a loss to the clan that left.
~Dave & Clovis

Daily Login Bonuses are Here!

All players will now automatically get 300 SP per day, just for being online in atWar. Log in every day and you'll get upto 9300 bonus SP per month!

To get the bonus, all you have to do is come online at any point during the day. You don't have to login/logout... just be online. That's it.

On a related note, we are no longer giving out the "3 day free premium" promo to accounts that have been inactive more than 30 days. While well-intentioned, this basically had the opposite effect... it motivated people NOT to come online for 30 days, just so they could get the 3 days of premium at the end. I hope the daily bonus will help motivate people to actually come online instead.

Also stay tuned, I'm working on a system to help people earn ProtoCoins based on the games they play. I'll keep you posted...

Earn ProtoCoins for Playing!

As of now, you can earn ProtoCoins just for playing... the more SP you earn, the more ProtoCoins you earn.

Even if you lose or surrender the game. you can still earn ProtoCoins. (No ProtoCoins will be given if you abandon or are kicked from the game.)

More Ways to earn ProtoCoins
Watch the Global Chat for announcements about PC Drop games hosted by our Supporter Team, from time to time.
Some games have a random PC bonus if you win, in addition to any other PCs you earned.
Play a tournament, many of which offer PC awards to the winner(s). Watch the Tournaments forum to find one.


CW Report: 2020 Spring Season | Season End Update
Overview of what's happened thus far...

2020's Spring CW Season had an interesting start to it. Order Of The Emperor (a training clan) gained PleaseMe, and took the season head-on; And on the other end, Uchiha joined Doxa (Cynical); creating an unstoppable force for the first few weeks. Of course, this does not leave out clans such as Mystics, which was revived by Abraham, and Mortal Kombat who has worked hard to keep their position in the top rankings. Other clans such as Fire Spirit (now disbanded) tried to train themselves but ultimately failed due to poor leadership and having an Elo of 767.3.

Further into the first quarter, Aristokrats was revived once more by AlBoZzZ and Peaky Blinders are suddenly seeing themselves in a bad spot with activity. More recently, however, things have changed dramatically. Doxa no longer is an unstoppable force, Order of The Emperor is destroying their competition in Elo, and The Immortals are still going strong, being in third place with 1039.3 Elo.

All in all, this season hasn't been like the previous seasons. New clans are being built and are actually participating, old clans are being revived, people aren't clan hoping (as often) and players who want to participate in these things are being trained and offered a chance to actually do so. Thanks to everyone involved, good or bad; You have shaped what we are today.

atWar's second quarter of the 2020 Spring Clan War season has brought its ups and its downs. Order Of The Emperor lost its lead in the leaderboards on top of losing its merger with The Immortals; However, still going strong. Illyria has taken the scene head-on, destroying even Mortal Kombat, who had gained first place just before Illyria got some of its old members back, to gain first place.

Peaky Blinders had a really low spot as well this season, losing most of it's active CW squad (that being Lelouch., Croat, Tchetnik, and Bossko); However they held out, eventually gaining a "merger" with Aristokrats. Hellenism has also been a force to reckon with in the scene, being experienced in 5k EU+ games beating even the best clans (MK and Illyria). Clan War guidelines have been made more clear and organized as well as more updates being added.

So... Given this in all the months of March-April... May (the last month of the season) was quite interesting- it proved us wrong in what normal seasons would usually do. At first, it seemed Illyria with their unstoppable team would just win as they were over 1200 Elo, 100 elo above even second place for a short time, but that changed as Epic Clan and Mystics merged together to bring probably the most stacked clan ever to exist in atWar's history. It seemed almost impossible for the outcome that came in the end though, for a final result of...

1st Place: Mortal Kombat
2nd Place: Cynical
3rd Place: Illyria
4th Place: Epic Clan

Both Cynical and Mortal Kombat have small teams (Cynical at least for half the season), MK being the smallest in the scene (usually Eagle & Mauzer); which just goes to show just how good these teams are. Congratulations to the victors of this season, may the next one be just as good if not better.
~Alois | Read the full post here.

A Surprise for The Future

The atWar Times Network & The Supporters team are working hard to bring something to each community to atWar. We first started with the bringing back of CW Reports for the Competitive community, now we'll be bringing in something special for Cartography!

ATN & AW Press

As you all know, for the past year ATN (atWar Times Network) & AW Press have been one with each other, releasing articles and other such things together. However, this will no longer be the case. ATN & AW Press have different things going on for each other and focus in different areas. From now on, this will only be known as AW Press- A later post about ATN will come.

Want to get Involved?

If you would like to get involved in helping atWar in any of the following:

- AW Radio
- Atwar Times Network
- Translations
- Events
- News & Updates

Please contact AIois and he can get you set-up.

Moderator of The Year 2019 AIois
News & Updates AIois
A surprise for the future AIois
ATN & AW Press AIois
Want to get Involved? AIois

19.06 - New Strategy Changes
13.06 - June's Map Promotion
13.06 - May Map Competition Winners
06.06 - CW Report: 2020 Spring Season | Season End Update (Finally!)
04.06 - Earn ProtoCoins for playing!
28.05 - Daily Login Bonuses are Here!
09.05 - Map Competition for June's Map Promotion
08.05 - [SPECIAL] May's Map Promotion
22.04 - Please Welcome Sid as acting Head Moderator