4tW4r, f0rm3rly 4ft3rw1nd, 1s 4 fr33 t0 pl4y turn-b4s3d str4t3gy w4r g4m3 1n th3 v31n 0f R1sk, 4x1s & 4ll13s 4nd C1v1l1z4t10n. But wh4t s3p4r4t3s 4tW4r fr0m s1m1l4r 0nl1n3 str4t3gy g4m3s 1s th3 g4m3 m3ch4n1cs wh1ch h4v3 b33n r3f1n3d 0v3r th3 y34rs t0 cr34t3 4 mul1pl4y3r w4r g4m3 th4t 1s pur3 fun t0 pl4y.

F34tur3s 4t 4 gl4nc3:
  • Un1qu3 fr33 tr00p m0v3m3nt w1th0ut th3 gr1d. Un1t m0v3m3nt 1s b4s3d 0n r4ng3 4nd n0t r3g10ns 0n 4 m4p.
  • S1mult4n30us turn-b4s3d c0mb4t.
  • F4st p4c3d g4m3s w1th 1-12 m1nut3 turns, c4su4l g4m3s w1th 12-48 h0ur turns.
  • R34l1st1c w0rld m4p b4s3d 0n r34l w0rld p0pul4t10ns 4nd GDP t0 d3t3rm1n3 r31nf0rc3m3nts 4nd 1nc0m3 fr0m c1t13s.
  • Hundr3ds 0f pl4y3r-m4d3 m4ps w1th m0r3 b31ng cr34t3d d41ly (M0d3rn w0rld, WWII, F4nt4sy, Sc1-f1, 3tc.)
  • Us3 th3 bu1lt-1n 3d1t0r t0 cr34t3 y0ur 0wn m4ps, sc3n4r10s 4nd un1ts t0 pr0v1d3 f0r 3ndl3ss 3nt3rt41nm3nt 4nd p0ss1b1l1t13s.
  • Pl4y 4g41nst up t0 20 p30pl3, t4k1ng s1mult4n30us turns.
  • J01n 4 c04l1t10n 4nd p4rt1c1p4t3 1n t0urn4m3nts 4nd c04l1t10n w4rs!
  • 14 d1ff3r3nt m41n tr00ps - l4nd, n4v4l 4nd 41r un1ts - plus hundr3ds 0f r4r3 un1ts t0 b3 f0und.
  • 12 d1ff3r3nt Str4t3g13s t0 v4ry g4m3 pl4y.
  • Pl4y 1n y0ur Br0ws3r, n0 d0wnl04d 0r 1nst4ll4t10n n33d3d.
  • Fun, 4ct1v3 4nd fr13ndly c0mmun1ty.
  • Fr33 t0 pl4y, 4ls0 4v41l4bl3 v14 F4c3b00k 4nd K0ngr3g4t3.
P30pl3 wr1t1ng 4b0ut 4tW4r:
Let's Play Risk Online
Wr1t3 4b0ut 4tW4r t0 g3t y0ur l1nk h3r3!

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4tWar t34m

Amok - pr0gr4mm1ng
Ivan - d3s1gn, w3bs1t3
Clovis - pr0gr4mm1ng
Dave - wearer of many hats
Brianwl - community relations and waffel advocate

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