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☩ Introduction ☩
Diesel and Blood is a strategy role-playing game based on World of 1920+, by Jakub Rozalski, Scythe, by Stonemaier Games, and Iron Harvest, by KING Art Games. set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War.

This forum game will let you, as a Player, control a battalion of 300 troops taking decisions to win the upcoming conflict in the continent.

Tradition clashes with scientific and technological progress, while Europe is still recovering from the brutal battles of the World War. Cities are being rebuilt and in the countryside, the era of Diesel and Blood has begun. Farmers are uncovering the remains of the majestic walking machines that had fought on the battlefields of the Great War, new conscripts are being trained as tension rises between the global powers and the skies are filled with black smoke from the factories.

In the midst of this chaos, a new threat appears that will put Europe's very existence at risk. Secret forces are putting everything they can towards destabilization of entire countries, determined to set the world on fire once again and finally seize control.

☩ Information ☩
The game will support 10 Players, one player per nation. The 300 troops are equal between all factions and the success of all combat/actions will be decided by dice rolling (3d6 + modifiers). Players must show where they want to attack and ChatGPT will work it out after we get all the rolls.

☩ Troops ☩
Troops are divided in eight types: Infantry, Cavalry, Elite, Artillery, AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle), Mecha, Armored Train, Biplane, Airship. Each one of them has its own Attributes:

  • Cohesion: directly affects Morale rolls after a combat round (whether defending or attacking), learn more below.
  • Power: indicates the firepower of the unit, used to execute attacks against enemies. A Power roll needs to result in a number higher than the target's Defense roll in order to roll and apply Damage.
  • Defense: indicates the protection and defense capability of the unit, used to defend against enemy attacks. If the Defense roll is higher than the opponent's Attack roll, the opponent's Damage will be halved.
  • Damage: indicates the number of casualties inflicted on the target of an attack.

Cohesion: +0.06
Power: +0.02
Defense: +0.03
Damage: +0.03

Cohesion: +0.02
Power: +0.04
Defense: +0.01
Damage: +0.03

Cohesion: +0.08
Power: +0.04
Defense: +0.01
Damage: +0.02

Cohesion: +0.03
Power: +0.08
Defense: +0.01
Damage: +0.24

Cohesion: +0.05
Power: +0.09
Defense: +0.06
Damage: +0.08

Cohesion: +0.05
Power: +0.05
Defense: +0.06
Damage: +0.06

Cohesion: +0.04
Power: +0.12
Defense: +0.07
Damage: +0.06

Armored Train
Cohesion: +0.08
Power: +0.14
Defense: +0.14
Damage: +0.16

Cohesion: +0.09
Power: +0.14
Defense: +0.18
Damage: +0.16

All battalions will start the game with 145 Infantry, 45 Cavalry, 32 Artillery, 25 Elites, 25 AFVs, 12 Mechas, 12 Biplanes, 2 Armored Trains, 2 Airships. The starting modifiers for every player will be (rounded down):

Starting Modifiers
Cohesion: +15
Power: +12
Defense: +9
Damage: +18

☩ Leaders ☩
Every nation has a governing body composed of 6 different Leaders, each with their own functions and distinct efficiency. A Leader's efficiency is given by a number from 3 to 18, determined by the player's initial roll (3d6) for each of them. Players are allowed to re-roll the lowest result.

  • Ruler: governor of the entire nation, head of state responsible for leading the people.
  • Grand Marshal: highest-ranking military officer, supervisor of armies and strategist of the nation.
  • Chief Diplomat: responsible for international relations.
  • Commissar: a leader with mixed functions within the nation, able to act as an intelligence agent, head of espionage, as well as legal matters.
  • Interior Minister: leader tasked with managing domestic issues of the nation and producing solutions by coordinating local groups.
  • High Priest: the ultimate authority on religious matters, symbolizing the will of the devout citizens of the nation.

☩ Battalion ☩
Every Player controls one battalion composed of 300 units. It is commanded by a single captain and can be divided into 2 companies (150 un.), 12 platoons (25 un.), or 36 squads (8 un.). When a player wishes to assign one of these military detachments to attack or defend a specific location, he must immediately name the detachment (e.g. 22nd Company or 10th Squad of His Majesty) and its leader which may be the captain, a lieutenant, a sergeant, or even a corporal. Battalions display 4 Attributes that may be used in several different actions:

  • Morale: after a round, if targeted by an attack (or executed an attack), the Player makes a Morale roll to check the number of desertions. The difficulty of the roll is determined by the GM, and the Vulnerability modifier may or may not be applied.
  • Resources: all Players will start with 3d6+2 Resources, an amount that will be used in various actions throughout the game.
  • Integrity: symbolizes the number of living soldiers belonging to the battalion.
  • Vulnerability: is a modifier ranging from -6 to +6 that can affect any Player rolls, whether defending, attacking, or performing other actions, at the GM's discretion. It is determined by several factors, like terrain, weather, action cards, fatigue, etc.

☩ Action Cards ☩
Every turn, ChatGPT will deal 4 Action Cards to everyone. Players must choose only 2 Actions to perform on their turn, after that they must also choose the order in which they wish to execute them. The description of a card is composed of an action and/or effect, to make it easy to read, all actions are written in italic on the table below. There are 4 different actions:

  • Attack: choose an adversary province to attack that has access (crossing through others' territories is prohibited), crossing seas requires spending -1 Resource per sea section.
  • Defend: choose 4 provinces to strengthen their defenses, this implies an extra die in the Defense roll if one or more chosen provinces are targeted by an enemy offensive.
  • Reinforce: recruit 3d6 new units for their battalion (up to a maximum of 300), the types of units to be recruited will be determined by ChatGPT.
  • Planning: test one of their Leaders to obtain the effect of the card or intensify it, the target is always 20 or higher.
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The game will take place on this Discord server.
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