• Added the Diplomacy graphic to the Players menu, which shows diplomacy relations between all players.

  • You can now use arrow keys to move the map, or Ctrl+mouse click to make the map follow the cursor.

  • Page up/down now zooms the map in/out. Use Home/End for min/max zoom.

  • After joining you can now see several previous messages in the channel.

  • Game admin is now shown in the Game options menu.

  • Private channel and drop-down box now have player colors.

  • Armies contending one place (2 allies in a captured city or on the same spot) are now moved aside correctly, taking into consideration land/water.

  • 'Back' button in the browser will now ask for confirmation before taking you out of the game.

  • Balanced Infantry and Tank cost, lowered Transport and Air Transport defence to 2. Lowered Stealth cost to 500.

  • Naval Commander, Master Of Stealth and Sky Menace strategies now raise most of their unit attack by 2. This is done to make these strategies more attractive - our stats show that very few people are using them.

  • All rolls are now executed twice, with the final result being the average (this will be the roll you see in battles). This way the units with high maximum attack/defence are now much less likely to roll 1.

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